Providing Large-Scale, Sustainable Deep Groundwater

EarthWater Technologies Inc. (ETI) is a water exploration and development company with a unique technology and track record spanning forty years.  ETI develops previously overlooked, large-scale, sustainable fresh groundwater resources called Megawatersheds and delivers water at lower all-in cost than all other alternatives.

ETI’s president, Robert A. Bisson, first described the Megawatershed phenomenon in a 1987 technical report to the USAID Mission in Khartoum, Sudan.  He coined the phrase “Megawatershed” to describe a previously unknown natural complex hydrogeologic system pervading the earth’s crust.  Bisson’s Megawatershed paradigm represents the first unifying theory of hydrology which includes mountain groundwater recharge and crustal permeability, which are major missing components in the traditional water balance.